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Interested in learning more about placing a custom order? Please fill out and submit the form below, and I will be in touch within 48 hours so we can work together to create just what you’re looking for!

PLEASE NOTE: Available dates book up VERY quickly, and planning ahead 6-8 weeks is often your best bet. Please submit a request for information as soon as you know you’ll need an order!

Cookie Order Pricing Guidelines

Updated 2/26/14

Cookies by the Dozen

Base price: $30/dozen (average size 3″, average detail – 1-4 colors per design, 1 or 2 designs per platter)

Detailed price: $35+/dozen (5 or more colors per design, 3 or more designs per platter, extra large sizes)

Additional charges may apply for character cookies, logos, intricate designs, designs with many colors, larger sized cookies, or hand-cut cookie shapes. Please contact me for a price quote for detailed custom designs.


Individually Bagged Cookies (for use as party favors, etc): Additional $8/doz (bagged in plastic favor bags and tied with coordinating ribbon)

Individual Heat-Sealing (cookies are sealed individually to maintain freshness for up to one month, or to freeze for future use): Additional $5/doz

Coordinating Accent Cookies (for use as accents on a cookie platter, small 1-2” cookies to fit your theme): Additional $10/dozen as an add-on with your order, or available separately for $15/dozen

Shipping/Handling: Generally ranges between $8-16 within U.S. (contact me directly for details).




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